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Read more about Sannsibble, the author of the book At The Crack Of Dawn.
At the Crack of Dawn is about overcoming obstacles and how to to work together as a team!
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About the Book

Teamwork is essential in everything we do today, whether it is on our job, in school, at home  or in our community.. A lot has been written about the subject, yet teamwork continues to be a myth for most individuals and organizations. Unlike other motivational books that suggested certain steps to successful teamwork, At the Crack Of Dawn draws its contents from real-life experiences of team members. The book literally brings to life the spirit of team inspiration through cooperation, experience, knowledge, and diversity. 

The author, Sannsibble, tells this story of teamwork so that readers will witness how by teamwork  meager resources can be transformed into huge success factors. She described how "ordinary people did extraordinary things" in their communities  by being innovative and creative. In thirteen chapters of dedication, determination, and discipline, this inspiring motivation book narrates the author’s involvement in volunteer work, under the UNA-USA group. Their teamwork rippled across local and national communities, small and mid-size businesses, schools, colleges, and universities, governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations

Sannsibble, through At the Crack Of Dawn, encourages others to move forward in their volunteer work or whatever their progressive undertakings might be. It is truly an inspirational book. Sannsibble assures you that through teamwork, especially in these challenging, hard pressed, slow economic times, the synergy of teamwork  will transform your world.

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A Book About Team Inspiration

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