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Read more about Sannsibble, the author of the book At The Crack Of Dawn.
At the Crack of Dawn is about overcoming obstacles and how to to work together as a team!
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At the Crack Of Dawn is a motivational book, a true story about teamwork. It is good to share experiences, especially when those experiences involve teamwork. Imagine team members from all walks of life, and from over 100 diverse ethnic backgrounds and of different age groups; the synergy is simply out of this world. But wait! That is not all; our team members include people of different socioeconomic backgrounds, different religious affiliations, a mix of non-profit and for profit organizations, and of officers, ladies and gentlemen of different levels of rank and file. We charted our course, negotiated our way, formed alliances, and made agreements, thereby converting our meager resources into cogent outcomes. You will get all the details by reading this motivation book.
At the Crack Of Dawn is about teamwork. It is inspirational and motivating. Teamwork is extremely important to the success in any team. So much has been written about this subject and yet it continues to be a myth for most organizations. Unlike other motivational books that teach readers certain steps to success based on theories, At the Crack Of Dawn draws its contents from real-life experiences and shares how one organization brought a wealth of teamwork resources in the form of knowledge, experience, and diversity. You can find out more about this in the book.
The author, Sannsibble, tells this story of teamwork so that readers will witness how team inspiration can transform meager resources into huge success. “We were ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Where there were no resources we innovated and became creative. And in our own little corner of the globe we let our light shine illuminating the vision of a brighter, better, and more peaceful world,” the author shares. “We shared, cared, and cheered until we were At the Crack of Dawn.”

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